Hi, I am Amy Aragon.

Hi my name is Amy!! Now that you know I love taking pictures! Let's go a little further in Amy's world! My zodiac sign is Cancer! I'm super humble and bubbly! If you check my instagram out, you will see a little side of my personality. Although I didn't make it to stand up comedy, I love making people laugh! My favorite color is teal and blue (evil eye blue that is), I love astrology and still listen to music from the 80's, 90's and 2000.

I'm a wifey whom we've been together since I was 21! We are going on 21 years together! WOO HOO!!! You'll see him sometimes with a camera but his day job is a manager in the Health Care industry. I have two beautiful boys, who I am obsessed with! Ayden is 12 and Jacob is 5, I have my hands tied being a BOY mom and I love it!! So being that we have a house full of boys... we are a basketball family!

I was raised by my grandparents. My grandmother has her home business as a nail technician so I learned a lot from her in owning her own business. Which brings me to Aragon Photography... My business was opened in 2006, in Atlanta Georgia. After being laid off from the Mortgage industry as account supervisor. When the real estate went down hill nationwide. There was a huge lay off in the Real Estate and Loan industry and my office duties came to an end, after working in the loan servicing field for 10 years. Real Estate is all I've ever known at that point. So my husband surprised me with a Nikon D40 (yes, an antique) so I can start photography as a hobby and keep me busy. Little did I know that with in six months that hobby would turn into a business. As soon as I got deeper with my client bookings, I took it to the next level. Well... here I am, 15 years later and never looked back! I'm glad I got laid off! I just love what I do! I don't see myself doing anything else. Hopefully one of my boys will love photography as much as I do and take over our family business. That's my dream!

That's a little about me... now let's hear about you!

My Little Family

Meet the Aragon's!

Ayden is my 13 year old! He's a character and a TikTok pro! He's very creative when it comes to video editing. hmmmm... maybe he'l join the business sooner that he thinks! He loves Basketball and has been playing for a league since he was 6 years old. His dream.. aside to taking over the business is to become a NBA player! Shoot for the stars kiddo, you can be anything you want to be!

Jacob my little firecracker, he's 6 years old. He's my artistic little one. He has a huge passion for drawing and let me tell you.. for a 5 year old, the kid can draw! He gets that from his momma! He's also a little comedian, I honestly get surprised with all his little conversations, he's just a funny one! He will have you laughing your butt off!